Safe Ways To Live Stream Arsenal Matches As A Malaysian Fan

In the age of the Internet and social media, staying up-to-date with your favorite team and its players is easier than ever. There are numerous websites and social media groups dedicated to individual clubs, as well as entire leagues.

Keeping track of every match, however, is not so straightforward. If you’re an Arsenal fan living in Malaysia, how can you stream matches when there are broadcasting restrictions? This article will tell you all you need to know about streaming Arsenal matches if you’re a Malaysian fan.

What You Need To Know

The first thing you need to know is that live stream Arsenal matches are usually only available for viewing in the country of broadcast, or sometimes a select few others. The rights to broadcast the matches belong to several different broadcasters in each country, particularly with the top 4-5 teams.

This means that most of these sites will only be accessible to people who are in Europe, or a few other countries. When this is the case, you’ll see a message like this when you try to access the site. There are a few ways you can still access the site, even if you aren’t in the country of the broadcaster. To start with, you can change your DNS settings.

Change Your DNS Settings

A DNS server is a directory where the internet looks to find all the websites and content that’s available. If this directory tells your computer or device that the games are not available in your current location, then you won’t be able to see it or live stream Arsenal matches.

When you find a few websites, you want to access and you see that they’re not available in Malaysia, you can change your DNS server in your device settings to open a new directory that will allow you to access them and you’ll be able to live stream Arsenal matches. This, however, is not a foolproof solution.

This method, however, is not foolproof. There are companies out there, like Unblock-Us, that will help you maintain a foreign DNS server and give you access to these sites. While there are a few other methods out there, such as using a proxy server or VPN service, these are not guaranteed to work and will likely only last for a short period.

Install VPN Software

A virtual private network (VPN) is software that encrypts all the data on your device, including your internet connection and browsing history, and routes it through a remote server. Essentially, you’re tricking the sites you visit into thinking you’re in another country. The great thing about VPNs is that you can use them to unblock all sorts of websites and content that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Certain websites are notoriously difficult to access. Even if you have a subscription to one of these services, you’ll normally get an error message that says you aren’t authorized to use it in your country.

Websites like these will also often have a firewall or other type of protection that prevents you from accessing their content. A VPN masks your IP address and can get around these restrictions, allowing you to unblock them and live stream Arsenal matches.

Use A Sports Streaming Site

One of the best ways to live stream Arsenal matches online is through a sports streaming site. There are a number of these sites out there, with most offering a subscription-based service or a pay-per-view model. Some of these services are legitimate and will allow you to watch your favorite team, but there are also several scam sites out there that are nothing more than a scam.

Your best bet is to do a little bit of research on the sites you come across. A few of the most popular football streaming sites are listed below. These sites will vary in price, with a number of them offering a free trial. This is the best way to test them out and see if they’re legitimate.

Watch In A Free Streaming Site

If you don’t have the money or the time to subscribe to a sports streaming site, there are a few other options that you can try. One of these methods is to use a VPN service that also offers a free streaming option. A number of these VPN providers will allow you to browse the internet and stream content as if you were in another country.

A free streaming site will allow you to live stream Arsenal matches and other sporting events, as well as TV shows and movies. If you want to be as safe as possible, you can use a free streaming website and a VPN. This allows you to stream the game without having to pay anything. A free streaming site is:


If you are using a free website, you can manually search for the game and see if it’s broadcasting. Make sure that you are using the VPN while you are watching the live stream Arsenal matches.

Easy To Use:

The site should be easy to navigate and understand. The more complex the site is, the more likely it is that it is a scam

Has A Proper Privacy Policy:

If a site does not have a privacy policy, it’s extremely likely to be an unsafe free website. Along with it, the site must have a proper customer service. If a site does not have a number for customer service, it’s very likely a scam.


Watching live stream Arsenal matches can be a great way to stay connected with your favorite players and team. With so many leagues and matches being played all over the globe, however, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Numerous online streaming sites offer services to allow you to watch the matches.

While most of these sites are accessible to people in the country of broadcast, there are a few ways to get around these restrictions. If you’re an Arsenal fan living in Malaysia, there are a few hoops you must jump through to get your fix. A few changes in your device settings, a VPN subscription, or a sports streaming site are all you need to start watching.

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